Chiang Rai International MTB Challenge

An event which started in year 2000 and has now become an annual fixture in the Chiang Rai events calendar, this is a mountain bike (MTB) lover's competition where anybody who loves mountain bikes and the outdoors can participate.

It is an unforgettable and fun event just like marathon lovers participate in New York City marathon or Honolulu marathon in US. The competition lasts for two days… to ride a distance of more than 150km in total for the International Class.

There are many classes, and the Chiang Rai MTB Challenge is designed so that you can select a class that matches your skill using the "stage race" method. So, you can participate with your friends as a touring race or as a family where parents and children can enjoy riding together. With this, each individual with any skill level can enjoy the MTB with full of fun.

When the competition is over, participants can take some time to tour around ancient temples or go shopping... unique items from Thailand can be found at the night market there. There is also the delicious food which is very affordable... all in all, a great holiday.

Click here to go to the Chiang Rai International MTB Challenge website.

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