Asia Cross Country Rally

The Asia Cross Country Rally or AXCR as it is also known, is an FIA certified cross-country rally which began in 1996 and is now in its 15th year. When the AXCR first started, premium event like the Paris-Dakar Rally was already well known. However, the Paris-Dakar Rally is a long way away, and much too expensive for Asian competitors to consider unless they had factory backing.

The Asia Cross Country Rally route is designed to cover many types of terrain like jungles, swamps river-crossings and also desert... and over the past years, has included almost every kind of challenge that nature had to offer in these parts of the world.

Designed as a test of driving and navigation skill, endurance and teamwork, as well as the preparation, durability and toughness of the 4 wheel drive vehicles, the Asia Cross Country Rally has gained a loyal following among 4 wheel enthusiasts throughout many parts of Asia.

Each year, the Asia Cross Country Rally provides participants with a variety of terrain challenges spread over 6 days and covering from 3,000km to 4,000km over as many places as possible. In addition to this, it also provides the opportunity for the young people to meet and make friends with others from different countries in the region.

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