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.. events designed to provide adventure, fun and excitement for the participants

Originally known as ORTEV International, R1 Asia is a group of companies that specialise in adventure and sports marketing. Working closely with our clients/partners, we organise, manage and promote sporting events designed to provide adventure, fun and excitement for the participants.

R1 Asia is commited to meeting the marketing objectives of our clients and partners. We understand that each of our clients/partners have a unique message. Therefore, our events are designed with the greatest flexibility in mind, enabling our clients/partners to get the most out of the event.

Founded by Tadayuki Sasa, the originator of ORTEV International and a pioneer in the field of adventure and sporting events in South East Asia, the management team of R1 Asia has much accumulated experience in event organizing and management. R1 Asia now organises various types of motorized and un-motorised sporting events in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and other parts of South East Asia... and soon, Australia.

A sample of our events:

  1. Chiang Rai MTB Challenge www.r1japan.net/mtb
    This is two day event held annually since 2000 in the beautiful and natural surroundings of northern Thailand, suitable for novices as well as expert mountain bike enthusiasts. Our consultant for this event is Mr Taro Shirato, the well known sports personality and Xterra representative from Japan.
  2. Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR) www.r1japan.net/axcr
    Asia's biggest rally, this is a 3,000 to 4,000km off-road event held annually since 1996. Over a 6 to 7 day period, the AXCR rally has covered a variety of terrain in various countries in South East Asia... Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and even China.
    The 2008 AXCR, certified by both the FIA and FIM, will include the Asia Enduro as well, creating an event which is on the same scale as the Paris-Dakar Rally. It will start at the gates of the Royal palace in Bangkok and end at the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur.
  3. Asia Open Enduro Championship www.maxxis.co.jp/enduro
    Started in 2000, this is an annual FIM sanctioned 800 to 1,000km off-road motorcycle race held over a 2 day period. Participants come from all over Asia as well as America, and have included former American motorcross champion, Chuck Sun.
  4. Malaysia International 3 days Enduro
    Organised between 1997 and 1999 for the Malaysian Government, this was the biggest motorcycle event in Asia at the time.
  5. R1 Asia is commited to meeting the marketing objectives of our clients and partners

  6. Asia Adventure X-pedition www.maxxis.co.jp/xp
    Started in 2004, this is an adventure travel type of event for both 4 wheel drives and motorcycles. over 10 to 15 days, covering various parts of Asia.

    2004 - Malaysia(with Singapore)-Thailand-Myanmar-China-Tibet, back to Malaysia and Singapore

    2005 - Malaysia-Thailand-Laos-Vietnam-Laos-Thailand-Malaysia

    2008 - from Malaysia(Singapore)-Thailand-Myanmar(Whole Myanmar), then back to Malaysia
  7. World Solar Car Challenge Malaysia
    This event, which involved the Malaysian Government, was held between 2001-2003 in Malaysia, and was sanctioned by the International Solarcar Federation.
  8. World Eco-Car Challenge www.r1japan.net/eco
    Working with the Education, Science and Technology and Tourism Ministries in Thailand and started in 2007 in Bangkok, this is a 2 day annual event for electric powered cars, to promote use of alternate-fueled vehicles like electric powered vehicles... and also tests efficiency of the systems in use.
  9. Japan Rock Crawling Championship www.maxxis.co.jp/rock
    An event for specially modified four-wheel-drive vehicles, involving the vehicles climbing over rocks and boulders of various shapes and sizes.
  10. Malaysia International Balloon Festival
    Malaysia's first international hot air balloon festival and competition, intended to promote air sports in Malaysia.
  11. Pattaya Marathon
    This event is organised for the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Thailand and promoted by Tourism Thailand.

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